I am a Psychotherapist Counsellor based in Carrick on Shannon Leitrim and Roscommon, Sligo Area. My secure confidential setting is based in 2nd Floor Brady’s Building, Main Street Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim | Ireland | My philosophy is that we are all unique and therefore we are the true experts on ourselves. I believe we can all be trusted to find our own way through our problems, anxieties and life crisis if we are listened to empathically, non-judgementally with a non-directive approach and willingness from the therapist to put herself fully into attempting to understand what our situations are like, and what our individual meanings and experiences truly are.

Psychotherapists and Counsellor Leitrim

I use psychotherapeutic techniques, to work with their clients at a deep inner level. This helps me to closely investigate your experience of your relationships, your family history, your upbringing, life experience and personality.
This is a conversational treatment which works to enable you to better cope with negative emotion, to enjoy positive emotion and an enlivened state of mind and to build satisfying and enduring relationships. i work with clients all over Ireland.

These psychotherapeutic conversations allow you to understand more about how you function and how your functioning impacts how you respond to people and situations in your life.

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